Cassie Edwards

Purple Learning Crowns

Cassie Edwards


Temple, Texas
United States, 76502


Signing Time Instructor



Greetings everyone!  My name is Cassie Edwards and I believe that learning can be fun and meaningful at the same time.  I am a certified teacher and taught 2nd grade for 5 years in my local school district.  Currently, I am a stay at home mother of four with the desire to continue to do the things I am passionate about such as sign language, singing and teaching children.  Signing Time offers them all!

With the support of my husband I decided to start my own business, Purple Learning Crowns.  It is my vision to teach Baby Signing Time and Signing Time within my community to all types of learners for many years to come.  I hope to make an impact on our children by sparking the desire to learn and read while boosting their confidence.

I want to create a wonderful, fun learning experience for all my students and parents.  By offering engaging activities along with Signing Time, I hope everyone reaps the benefits of learning basic ASL signs and shares it with their friends and family.

Please contact me for upcoming learning opportunities or requests.

“Fill your Crown with Gems of Knowledge!”

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