Maritsa Beltran-Moussa, MSW

Maritsa Moussa

Maritsa Beltran-Moussa, MSW


PHOENIX, Arizona
United States, 85085


Signing Time Instructor



Hello! I am very excited to be part of the Signing Time Family. I am mommy to three beautiful children Mili, Mikey and Maddie. I first started signing with my daughter when she was 8 months old. I became interested in baby sign language because I didn’t want to be the kind of mother who felt frustrated because I could not understand what my child needed from me. I wanted to make sure I met her needs as soon as she was able to communicate them to me. I know the benefits of signing first hand. At 8 months old, Milie was able to let me know when she wanted to drink milk, eat food, or sleep without the guessing games. As Milie got older she started to teach Mikey some of the signs she knew. Now, Mikey knows more signs than Milie knew at his age. Signing has become a natural part of our communication in my home; even my husband is using it.After I saw the benefits of what baby signs did for my family I was sure I wanted to offer this opportunity to the families who came to my place of employment and  I became a Baby Signing Time Instructor. Through these workshops I learned the skills necessary to teach signing to the families I work with.  Since I am bilingual, I have been able to offer the signing classes in both English and Spanish.

Below are quotes from families that have participated in both classes:

“I like this signs class a lot because I’m able to communicate with my son. I was not able to do this with my other kids. I like to know when my kids are hungry or sleepy.”

“My son learned different colors, languages. My son learned a lot about everything.”“I have 4 children and a 1 year old baby. This is the first child I can communicate with at such a young age. Thanks to baby signing time. I feel happy to count with programs like this one.”

“My child and I learned a lot. Thanks to this class we are starting to communicate. The teacher is great.”“It was great experience learning about sign language. I had trouble communicating with my nephew before.”

“This class was very interesting. The presenter was well prepared.”“I have 2 children one is 11 years old. When he comes home from school he wants to know what I learned at this class with my 2 year old. He then teaches his 8 year old cousin. My daughter is speech delayed but she can sign to communicate. “

“I like it a lot because my kids share with their dad and family about everything they’ve learned during class.”“Thank you for motivating our families and supporting our kids. My suggestion is: Don’t stop working for the community Thank you.”

“It’s good to have communication with our kids because we can learn to understand them better.”

Licensed & Certified for the following:• Product Sales• Preschool & Early Education Classes• Mommy & Me Classes• Digital Download Products• Baby Signing Time Certification• Signing Time Certification• Completed Basic TrainingOther Relevant Qualifications:• Obtained Masters of Social Work in 2009 from Arizona State University• Skilled at interacting with clients of diverse backgrounds• Strong customer service skills; diplomatic and patient• Bi-Lingual in Spanish and English

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