Daryl Everett

Learning, Language and Literacy

Daryl Everett


Brandon, FL
United States, 33510


Signing Time Instructor




Currently offering referral and support but no classes.

Daryl offers Signing Time classes for families and care centers as well as workshops in the Brandon/Mango, Florida area. Specializes in special needs, home education and early childhood educator classes. The best way to contact her is by email or Facebook and you can expect a response within 2 business days.

Daryl’s love of American Sign Language began watching Sesame Street as a child. Her mother fostered her love with children’s books on ASL.  As a preteen, Daryl attended a sign language class with her mother and her passion for the language and culture took off! She soon knew that ASL would be an important part of her life and that someday she would teach her own children to sign.  She continued to study ASL in high school and later graduated from the University of North Florida with a Bachelor of Education, Special Education: Deaf Studies and a Master of Education, Special Education: Disability Services.

After completing her B.A., she accepted a teaching position working with deaf, hard of hearing and special needs high school students.  After some time teaching in the public and private classroom, Daryl decided to work directly with families teaching sign language. She is now teaching ASL to her own children, teaching ASL to homeschool students and special needs families, teaching workshops  and working as a sign language interpreter. Recently, Daryl took the reins of the very classes in which she first learned. She says she gets goosebumps when she shares that. Ms. Daryl is excited to be able to provide Signing Time classes and products to families and care providers in Brandon/Mango and surrounding areas.  

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