Monica Blouin

Monica Blouin


Frankfort, Illinois
United States, 60423


Advanced Signing Time Instructor



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Hello, I am a Signing Time Academy Advanced Instructor and I am no stranger to America Sign Language (ASL). In 2011 I started my own company, Lil Miracles Sign Language Academy which is named after and inspired by my daughter Madeleine Miracles. Madie is an amazing 5 year old little girl who was born with Down syndrome. We started to use sign language with Madie when she was only a few months old and I am very glad we did because now we use sign as a way to bridge the communication gap we experience with Madie’s speech which is significantly delayed. We are a signing family and we absolutely love Signing Time and their amazing products. Signing Time has helped us discover a practical way to communicate with Madie and now it my business’s mission to share that knowledge with other families who need it, as well as with those families who just want to learn ASL as a second language. Signing is fun, easy and for everyone!
I am currently teaching Signing Time and Baby Signing Time classes in the suburbs of Chicago. I have partnered with Children Museums, Park Districts, Baby Boutiques, Libraries, Centers for people with disabilities, such as Gigi’s Playhouse and even a Photography Studio to bring Signing Time to the Chicagoland area. My class information can be found on my Facebook page: Lil Miracles Sign Language Academy or you can call me at any time to find a location near you. 312-656-3046. I also am available to do private workshops for daycares, churches, Early Intervention Centers or after school programs.
Please contact me and find out how you can try out a class to see how great and fun using Sign Language can be.

There are so many great reasons to sign with your child. The benefits have been documented for years now. We are just so glad that we made the decision to use ASL with our child. It literally changed our lives and it gave Madie Miracles a voice.

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