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Marianna Silva


Dorchester, Ma
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Hello all!

My name is Marianna Silva and I am a mother of two boys. I use ASL signs everyday with them at home as our second language since birth and Baby Signing Time is one of the biggest reasons why my children love learning!

I have been learning ASL for 8 years and practicing it with my sons for 4! I have taken classes at Deaf Inc., in Allston, Ma, Start ASL online, and Sign IT with Rachel Coleman online, and I have had a brief position working with deaf students at a treatment center in Framingham, Ma.

My son, Vernile III, is hearing and is now 4 years old and is able to read, recognize all letters whether written or signed, write (very neatly), speak in long sentences (except when he is shy).  He can count to 100 by himself as well as count by hundreds.

My youngest son, Victor, is currently 2 years old and currently recognizes alphabet and number signs as well as all of the signs taught in the Signing Time Curriculum. He is starting to use body language more often like shaking his head no, signing food, and making a “O” face without signing to tell me he wants food. You begin to learn and understand your baby better and even they modify the signs you teach them.

Teaching your baby ASL, from experience, proved my children to be less frustrated when communicating when they had multiple options such as, speech, sign, and body language.

My dream is to educate more children with sign and teach in sessions at multiple preschools around the city of Boston twice a week and have “Signing Time with Marianna.” I also dream to after school/ work sessions with babies and children ages 0-10 years old with their parents at their homes or parties!

Throw a signing party for your baby and their friends and your friends one day and watch how rewarding and fun it is to see your baby AND YOU thrive in the most natural language on earth! Sign Language!

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