Bree Loggins


Bree Loggins


Floresville, Texas
United States, 78114


Master Signing Time Instructor


Our family LOVES Signing Time! I began teaching our twin daughters American Sign Language in 2001, when they were just infants. Our girls are not deaf, but I was aware of the benefits of teaching ASL to children of all ages and abilities. I sure wish we had known about Signing Time back then.

Unfortunately, as they began speaking, our girls used their ASL skills less and less. This saddened me and I became determined to find a way to bring them back to ASL. In 2007 I discovered Signing Time through our local PBS station. We were instantly hooked!

We bought every Signing Time product available from Two Little Hands. Our family began inviting friends and family over for “Signing Time Parties” to watch and learn with us. We told everyone we met about Signing Time, especially new parents and grandparents.

I can’t say enough about how American Sign Language and Signing Time have impacted our lives. I was so inspired by our ability to communicate early with our own children and with our Deaf friends that I went back to college in 2010 and earned my Certificate of American Sign Language and Deaf Studies.

Then in August of 2011, I joined the Signing Time Academy to become a Certified Master Signing Time Academy Instructor! Now I share my passion for ASL and the Deaf community with families here in Floresville, Texas and the surrounding communities.

– Bree Loggins

Army Wife, Mom of Twins & Certified Master Signing Time Instructor

“I sign, we sign, you can sign too!”

iSIGN Offers classes, workshops, home parties, presentations, story times, daycare enrichment opportunities, product sales and more…Come sign with us!

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