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Rockwall, TX
United States, 75032


Advanced Signing Time Instructor



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My love for sign language began as a child when a kind lady taught me to sign “Joy to the World”. The signs to that song opened my mind and heart to a beautiful language. Over the next few years I learned what I could from books, and I took every American Sign Language (ASL) class I could find. ASL was my primary foreign language while studying engineering in college.

Now I have two children of my own, and I am sharing my love of this language with them. My kids have given me a whole new appreciation of ASL and how it can help open communication at a very young age. I look forward to sharing this joy of communication with other parents who wish to sign with their children.

Cheryl-Annette & daughter (age ~2.5 yrs)


Please contact me if you are interested in introductory ASL classes for babies or young children.


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I offer workshops to preschools and daycares that are interested in learning how to incorporate sign language into their existing programs. Children learn through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic methods. Using sign language allows teachers to simultaneously teach to all three learning styles. If you would like to find out more about the workshops that I offer, please contact me by phone or email.

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