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Heidi ハイディー Emoto 江本


Adachi, Tokyo
Japan, 121-0823


Master Signing Time Instructor



One of my greatest joys is to help parents communicate with their little ones through signing.
We discovered Signing Time when my son, now 5 yrs. old, was an infant. It is amazing to watch his English and sign vocabulary grow! Now he teaches all he knows to his little sister, my 2 yr. old daughter. They are great examples of how signing can help to connect spoken languages in a multilingual (Japanese/English) environment.

As a Master Instructor I am able to teach all of the classes offered in the Signing Time Academy as well as lead workshops and presentations. Please contact me for more information.
☆ My classes are in a bilingual Japanese & English format but you don’t need to know both languages to attend!☆

If you live in Japan (or any other part of the world) but are too far from Tokyo to attend classes, let’s talk! I can still help you get started on the Signing Time or Baby Signing Time path.


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