Kimberly Burt

Little Hands...make Big Words

Kimberly Burt


Lake Mary, FL
United States, 32746


Master Signing Time Instructor



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My name is Kimberly Fries, and I am a licensed pediatric speech and language pathologist. I have always worked with small children, age birth to six. In addition to teaching Signing Time! classes I homeschool our boys.

I have seen the benefits of using American Sign Language with children, both professionally and personally. Many of the children I work with have relied on sign language to augment their communication as they were learning to speak. Both of my children signed before they could talk. We enjoyed our older son’s insight into the world long before he could talk. Our younger son relied on sign language as he developed a speech disorder that interfered with his ability to communicate. I can’t imagine my children without signing. Both boys continue to sign today. I have taken a passion for signing to the next level. I am a Master Signing Time Instructor. I hope to bring the world of signing to as many families as possible; the benefits are countless. Come and see what big words your little one’s hands can make!

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